If your property has been damaged in a motor vehicle accident and you do not hold a policy of comprehensive insurance (or choose not to make a claim through your insurer) you can recover damages from the driver or Insurer of the vehicle at fault. For more information on how we can help you recover these damages please go to Motor Vehicle Accidents QLD.

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Motor Vehicle Property Damage

We have prepared some information to assist you if you decide to pursue the driver or insurer of the vehicle at fault.

Letter Of Demand

If you want the driver of the vehicle at fault, or their insurer, to pay for the damage to your vehicle you must first write them a letter of demand. We have drafted a sample letter which you can download and use to prepare your letter of demand. *please note: your personal use of this document does not imply any involvement by Sinnamon Lawyers in your claim for damages.*

Progression To The Tribunal Or Court

If you are unable to successfully reach a settlement with the driver of the vehicle at fault (or their insurer) use the information in these factsheets to assist you in pursuing the matter through the Tribunal or Court.
For accidents that occurred in Queensland view our Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) Factsheet and these helpful downloadable forms:

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