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Sinnamon Lawyers recognises the right of every individual to receive compensation where that individual has suffered personal injury as a result of the fault of another. As renowned personal injury lawyers in Queensland, Sinnamon Lawyers offer comprehensive legal services on a No Win No Fee basis, catering specifically to those affected by personal injury incidents.

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What does No Win No Fee mean?

A No Win No Fee lawyer means that they will represent you without requiring payment of legal costs upfront. You will only be required to pay your QLD or Brisbane personal injury lawyers if your case is won for legal services conducted throughout your matter.

At Sinnamon Lawyers you are protected by a risk-free compensation promise. Our law firms practice to assist in your compensation claim to settle in the pre-court stage. In the unlikely event that your case goes to court and you are unsuccessful, we will cover the costs.

How Does Our No Win No Fee Service Work?

Our personal injury no win no fee Service works by funding every outlay upfront associated with your case. In the event that you aren’t awarded damages, you won’t have to pay for your legal fees for legal services provided by us. You will only be required to cover legal costs if your claim is successful. This is because our law firm provides our legal services on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This process ensures you will not need to pay any fees or costs until your claim has been resolved.

As ‘No Win No Fee’ lawyers, we know how hard it can be to recover from a personal injury. If you have been left out of pocket, you might not think you have enough money to take legal action. No matter how bad your financial situation may seem, our ‘No Win No Fee’ lawyers can help you get back on your feet and assist in whatever area of compensation law your injury may fall into.

If you are thinking of making a compensation claim, our no win no fee compensation lawyers in Brisbane & QLD can provide you with legal assistance without putting your financial security at risk. We focus primarily on one area of law, being compensation law.

Our legal team professionally handles an array of cases, from workplace accidents and public liability to medical negligence, all on a no win no fee basis in Brisbane, ensuring you receive full legal support tailored to your needs.

It’s vital to have experienced legal representation, especially when dealing with complex medical cases. Our no win no fee medical negligence lawyers in Brisbane & QLD are ready to stand by your side, offering professional legal advice and support throughout your claim process.

For injuries or losses sustained in public spaces, our dedicated public liability lawyers will be at your service to ensure that your claim is managed with the utmost professionalism.

If you’ve been in a road mishap, our motor vehicle accident lawyers in Brisbane & QLD are here to assist with the financial burdens.

Should workplace injuries be your concern, our dedicated workcover lawyers in Brisbane & QLD are at your service, ensuring that your rights and finances are safeguarded.

And if you’re dealing with illnesses related to asbestos exposure, our asbestos compensation claim solicitors will offer you comprehensive legal support to navigate through the claims process for the justice you deserve.

How long do No Win No Fee claims take?

No Win No Fee personal injury claims have a limitation period of 3 years governed by Queensland legislation. These claims can take anywhere up to 3 years, and if they do not settle or come to a resolution in this time, action must be taken in the court to protect the limitation period. Whether you have had an accident yesterday, or years ago, our personal injury lawyers are able to advise you on the area of law and your rights in terms of the limitation period.

How do I prove medical negligence in Australia?

If you believe that you have been the victim of medical negligence, our personal injury lawyers are available to provide advice on this complex area of law. Medical negligence arises when the medical treatment falls short of what you would expect to receive as competent treatment. It is essential to be able to establish that your injuries were a result of negligence at the hands of the treatment provider, whether that be a general practitioner, hospital, general or plastic surgeon or dentist for example. As mentioned above, strict time limits apply to the prosecution of medical negligence claims and we recommend that you seek legal advice to discuss your position and rights to recover compensation due to malpractice.

Should I accept my first compensation offer?

It is not uncommon that the other side will provide only a small offer of compensation as their first attempt to negotiate a settlement for your personal injury claim. It is important that you obtain legal advice in order to ascertain the correct assessment of damages that you are entitled to. Personal injury claims are complex matters and our personal injury lawyers are available for a free initial consultation to discuss all areas of compensation law and your rights.

How Are Fees Calculated?

Designed to protect claimants, strict laws apply to how fees are calculated in ‘No Win No Fee’ cases. If your claim for personal injuries is successful, your legal fees will be deducted from any compensation you receive. 

Prior to the settlement, we will calculate our fees to include costs for legal services and disbursements, which are usually independently assessed by an independent assessor. We will provide you with our client agreement if you do retain our firm, which clearly outlines our legal services, expectations and information about the laws that govern compensation law in Queensland.

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