What you need to know: Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s important to know what to do in any emergency situation (particularly one with legal implications) but too often, it’s difficult to understand what your rights & obligations actually are. We’ve tried to simplify this and put it in layman’s terms for you in our “What you need to know” series which kicks off with […]

Towing and storage after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If your vehicle requires towing after a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations to ensure you’re not left in a position where you owe a tow operator hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Towing fees can add up quickly, and you may not be able to retrieve your vehicle until […]

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car crashes are often more than just an inconvenience. They can put you off the road for weeks, or even months, while your vehicle gets repaired or you recover from injuries. Accidents are usually costly, and even insurance excesses can drain your savings. While you cannot always avoid a collision, there are certain behaviours or […]

State by State: What You Can Claim in a Motor Accident Compensation Case

Claiming compensation after a motor accident isn’t a simple process. Slight differences between the states of Australia make it even more complicated; just because you can claim something in one state doesn’t mean you can make the same claim in another. Here we break down some of the key differences between the states. What You […]

Queensland Black Spots – Dangerous Destinations On The Queensland Road

According to past AAA (Australian Automobile Association) studies of Australia’s many highways, Queensland is one of three places in Australia that have the most dangerous roads. The medium to high-risk roads in Queensland include: If you have been in a road accident in Queensland and have suffered from any form of personal injury, feel free […]

Medicare and Private Health Refunds after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you visit a doctor or specialist for treatment of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle, personal injury or public place accident, Medicare, or your Private Health Insurer may cover all or part of the costs associated with the treatment. However, if you are successful in obtaining a motor vehicle accident compensation settlement, Medicare or […]

Driver Fatigue: Are you too tired to drive?

In Queensland in 2013 there were 6,921 hospitalised casualties as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Of these 6,921 hospitalised casualties, 295 were a result of speeding drivers/riders, 576 a result of drink drivers/riders, and 478 were fatigued related crashes. This means that in 2013 fatigue related crashes accounted for more hospitalisations than speeding drivers/riders. […]

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