Queensland Black Spots – Dangerous Destinations On The Queensland Road

According to past AAA (Australian Automobile Association) studies of Australia’s many highways, Queensland is one of three places in Australia that have the most dangerous roads.

The medium to high-risk roads in Queensland include:

  • Bruce Highway is found to be the most dangerous major highway in Queensland. It begins at Brisbane and passes through several major cities before ending in Cairns. It is quite a long road and is known as the biggest traffic carrier in the state. It is also prone to frequent flooding. These are possibly the reasons why there is a high rate of accidents that occur on this road. Studies also found that the stretch between Helidon and Toowoomba is another frequent accident site.
  • The Brisbane Valley Highway, which connects Ipswich and Moore, is also a dangerous road where a lot of long travelers get into accidents. The same goes for the road between Ipswich and Willowbank.
  • The Captain Cook Highway, which leads from Mossman to Cairns, is another dangerous driving spot mainly because of the scenic and breathtaking views over at that area that can distract travelers. Other primary causes of accidents in this area are road blocks and animal crossing.
  • The Gilles Highway, which passes through the Gillies Range and connects Gordonvale to Atherton, poses another serious threat. Thankfully, there are now a lot of safety infrastructures in the area including improved road rails and highly visible markers, thus making the highway less dangerous in recent years.

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