Spotting speed camera locations in and around Brisbane

We all know it…it’s easy to do…but be careful…there are plenty of speed cameras planted around Brisbane! The Queensland police say that these marked speed cameras are for the purpose of catching drivers who are going beyond the allowed maximum speeds and assigned to discipline drivers so that they may follow traffic rules more closely.

So, watch out! Speed cameras can spot cars from approximately one mile or 1.6 kilometres away. Once the violation has been confirmed, Queensland Transport will issue you with a hefty fine and potentially a loss of points. This may even go into your record, and unfortunately, could affect your credibility as a professional. Imagine what this might do to your job application if you’re unable to drive or even worse, have a record!

The Retaliation

Most Brisbanites cry foul because they see the speed cameras as mere revenue-collecting tools. True enough, there’s a significant amount of money gained by the government when one is caught speeding. The tickets don’t exactly come cheap. However, authorities insist that this is not for revenue but for discipline. After all, they would not be issuing tickets in the first place if not for violators who liked to challenge the law.

Cameras are spread all over the city. It would be impossible to avoid speeding tickets just by avoiding speeding in particular areas. Still, these are the marked cameras one should watch out for:

  • Corner Jubilee Terrace and Waterworks, Ashgrove
  • Corner Baudesert Road and Compton Road, Calamvale
  • Pacific Motorway, Loganholme
  • Clem7 Tunnel, Wolloongabba going to Bowen Hills
  • Gateway Arterial in Nudgee
  • Bruce Highway, Caloundra Road

There are also mobile speed cameras in police vehicles and these are planted in different spots all over Brisbane. This is the reason why it’s useless to just take note of the speed camera locations in the city and follow traffic rules only when you’re in these areas. It’s still better for you to follow the speed limits no matter where you may be.

How it affects your insurance

Traffic violations are often looked into when you are trying to stake a personal injury claim. Your insurance company will not support your claim if you have gained a reputation as a frequent traffic violator. Be a good driver and make these things work for you.

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