Road Safety During the Commonwealth Games

With the Commonwealth Games approaching, Southeast Queensland is bracing for traffic chaos. Set to take place over 12 days in April, the games will attract more than 600,000 visitors to the Gold Coast (according to the Queensland Government). While hosting such a big sporting event is a source of pride for the Gold Coast, much of the city will have to deal with disruptions on the road.

If you’re trying to avoid the chaos, we can tell you everything you need to know about road safety during the Commonwealth Games.

Access to the M1

The M1 is the main arterial road between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Since many Commonwealth Games attendees either live or plan to stay in Brisbane, this stretch of highway will be busier than usual throughout much of April. The M1 has undergone several changes to make way for the extra traffic, including:

  • Truck lanes – Between the suburbs of Springwood and Robina, trucks weighing more than 4.5 tonnes are restricted to using the left two lanes.
  • Games vehicles – During times of severe congestion, vehicles carrying athletes and games officials will be allowed to drive along the hard shoulder of the M1 to bypass traffic jams (this will only be permitted if the vehicle is accompanied by a police escort).
  • Speed limits – Reduced speed limits have been put in place along some sections of the M1 to minimise the risk of accidents. Speed limits are clearly signed to ensure motorists are aware of the changes.
  • Incident Response – Extra incident response vehicles have been made available along the M1, including ambulances and tow trucks. This will ensure the fastest possible response times to accidents.

If you’re trying to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the M1, you could take public transport instead.

Road Closures

Temporary road closures will be rolled out across the Gold Coast during the Commonwealth Games. There’s nothing worse than dealing with standstill traffic while trying to go about your business, so it’s essential to stay on top of traffic conditions in your area.

Make sure you’re up to speed by reviewing road closures for the following events:

  • Marathon – The marathon route covers more than 40 kilometres, resulting in road closures throughout a number of Gold Coast suburbs. Check the route to see if your suburb will be affected.
  • Triathlon – The triathlon features running, cycling and swimming events, with road closures set to affect Labrador, Southport and Biggera Waters. Plan ahead by reviewing the course for road closures that may impact your commute
  • Road cycling – See where the road race and time trail events will take place to avoid blocked off streets.

Other events involving road closures include the Queen’s Baton Relay and the Festival 2018. With so many thoroughfares being shut down throughout the city, take extra care when planning journeys around the Gold Coast during the Commonwealth Games.

Local Permits

If you’re a resident or business owner on the Gold Coast, you may be able to apply for a special permit to ensure you can maintain access to certain streets during the Commonwealth Games. Find out if you qualify by checking the City of Gold Coast website.

Of course, no matter how carefully you plan your trip or try to stay away from less-than-ideal traffic conditions, some motor vehicle accidents are simply unavoidable. If you’ve been involved in an incident on the road (regardless of whether it was related to Commonwealth Games congestion), contact Sinnamon Lawyers today.

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