Road Rules – do you need a refresher?

There’s been some discussion lately around the place about how badly people are driving on the roads now…people not giving way when merging, driver aggression, poor road sense…so we thought we’d all take a little refresher when it comes to what to do on the road…are you up for it too?

Queensland Transport has an excellent online skills test where you can practice if you are learning to drive, or like us, want a road rules refresher.

You can check it out here – Queensland Transport Practice Road Rules Test

Although some of the diagrams seem basic at first, they certainly get you thinking about who has to give way. We’re pleased to report we all passed the test!

At Sinnamon Lawyers, we see some tragic circumstances everyday, where people have suffered loss and sustained injury. Sometimes we all take driving for granted, but we believe it’s a privilege to be awarded your license and to have a car, so use it wisely, be aware and use care.

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