Progressing a Personal Injuries Claim

We are often asked by our clients how they can assist to progress their personal injury claim to settlement. While every situation is unique and each personal injury claim progresses in a different way at a different pace, we believe the following five points are likely to apply to each claim for personal injury:

  1. Update your solicitor with any change to your contact details

It is imperative to keep your solicitor up to date with your contact details. If you move house or change telephone numbers you should contact your solicitor as soon as possible to provide this information.

  1. Complete and return forms and documents as requested

There are many documents that will need to be provided to your solicitor as part of your personal injury claim. Sometimes these will be things you need

to gather and provide for copying, obtain certified copies of or provide authorities to obtain from a third party. When your solicitor sends you a form, authority or other document you should complete it as directed and return it to your solicitor as soon as possible.

  1. Keep a diary of medical appointments and treatments

At many points during a personal injury claim your solicitor will be interested in the details of treatment you have received, are currently receiving or are planning to undertake as well as the details of the doctors and therapists. It is particularly helpful if clients have detailed records of this information as then it can be readily drawn upon to make decisions about the progression of your personal injury claim and which service providers to obtain records or reports from.

  1. Attend medico-legal appointments

In order to evidence your claim for personal injury, it is likely need to be assessed by one or more experts chosen by your solicitor as well as experts who have been asked by the respondent to assess you. These appointments are often made quite some time in advance because the experts who complete the assessment and prepare a report are well regarded in their field and booked out months in advance. It is extremely important that you attend these appointments as cancellation for any reason generally within 14 days of the appointment incurs a cancellation fee which can be costly, running into the thousands of dollars.

  1. Ensure your employment/income details are kept up to date and lodge your tax returns

It is very important to provide to your solicitor the details of your employment or source of income in the years prior to and the time subsequent to the accident or incident that led to your claim for personal injury. There are many reasons that this information is important including calculating a component of your claim for personal injury and to show that you have mitigated your loss.

Ultimately, communication with your solicitor is exceptionally important during your claim for personal injury and timely communication will assist in avoiding unnecessary delay.

**The above is not intended as legal advice. You should seek the advice of your solicitor about your personal injury claim and the progression of your

unique claim.**

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