Money saving ideas when you’re not receiving your regular income

It’s never going to seem like enough, but people sure work out that life’s pretty great when you’re earning an income, the bills are met, mortgage repayments covered and the grocery bill comes and goes.

It’s sometimes easy to be lenient with your purchases when your income is regular. However, it becomes a real life changer when your regular source of

income dries up and you’re left scrambling to make ends meet. If you’ve suffered a loss of income due to an accident and you find you need to ‘tighten

up the belt’, we suggest you try to minimise your expenses.

At Sinnamon Lawyers, we’re here to help you and although every case is different, one thing’s for certain, you need to recuperate and it’s tough when you’re not earning money while you’re getting better.

We’ve got handy tips that could save you a few hundred dollars around the home if you’re up for the money saving challenge.

  1. Use Coupons

Believe it or not, coupons are a great way to save on grocery items. They’re available on the Internet for ease of printing so you just have to find these websites and bookmark them so you can go to them as often as you need to. Some that are currently popular in Queensland include Groupon,  Scoopon and Daily Deals. Beware, once you sign up, you’ll receive lots of email communications, promoting their deals and coupons…you could end up ‘spending money to save money’.

  1. Cut down on power usage at home

Turning off the lights and power points when there’s no one in the room or using the appliance. It is a small thing to do but makes a huge impact on your power bill. Save energy too by keeping your thermostat.

  1. Pay attention to fees

Nowadays, almost everything has fees. When you withdraw from an ATM that’s not really your bank, you get charged

for the transaction. Save yourself the cost of the transaction and just go to your own bank.

  1. Try cooking from scratch

Buying packaged and prepared foods can cost a fortune. Try buying the pasta, the cheese, the milk and the

flour rather than packaged macaroni cheese.

  1. Walk or use public transport

Whenever possible, try walking because it’s free and it helps you get into shape. If the distance is

too great for walking but still accessible via public transport, use public transport.

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