Misunderstood Road Rules (Queensland edition)

We often encounter circumstances where our client has been injured in an accident caused by another driver’s lack of understanding of the road rules.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has published a Road Rules Refresher pamphlet which clarifies the Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules.

You can download your own copy of the pamphlet HERE

We think special attention should be given to the sections on Merging, Roundabouts, Safe Following Distances and U-turns because we frequently observe drivers disobeying these rules.

One road rule that we find interesting that you might not come across often is in relation to giving way to horses…

Giving way to horses

When a person in charge of a horse that appears to be hard to control gives a signal – by raising a hand and pointing to the horse – you must give way. You should drive to the side of the road, stop your vehicle and turn off the engine. Keep the engine off and the car stopped until there is no reasonable chance that the noise of the engine or movement of your vehicle will further upset the horse.

Perhaps it is not as relevant if your daily commute is on the major arterial roads, but certainly, take note if you frequent semi-rural areas.

Once you have read the refresher you should test your newly polished knowledge by taking the practice road rules test HERE on the Transport and Main Roads website. The answers may just surprise you, although we expect our wonderful readers may just get every question right!

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