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When you work in the manufacturing industry, the first thing that you, as a worker, should know is your entitlement to Workers’ Compensation in the event of a work-related accident. Though companies and organisations try their best to keep their workplace as safe as possible, there are times when accidents happen. If you do work in the manufacturing industry, you’ll know that you are often surrounded by heavy machinery, complicated equipment and sometimes, even dangerous and hazardous materials.

If you consider the statistics, there were approximately 21,000 injury case claims filed by workers in the manufacturing sector for the period 2009-10. The majority of these serious injury cases involved muscular stress from repetitive movement, being hit by moving objects and falls, trips and slips. There are also fatalities in the manufacturing sector caused by vehicular accidents, being hit by objects and even exposure and/or long-term contact with chemicals or substances.

Under the law, a worker is entitled to compensation provided that (1) he is an employee of the company where the accident took place, (2) his medical condition was diagnosed by a qualified doctor and happened during the course of his employment, and (3) the worker has suffered a financial loss (either loss of income or has incurred medical costs).

What type of compensation will a worker be entitled to? An injured worker who has filed a claim may receive income replacement while recovering from his injury. His medical treatment may be reimbursed. In the case of a fatality, death benefits will be provided including special provisions for children and funeral costs. There may also be lump sum compensation for permanent impairment. This usually involves a loss of limb, loss of function, disfigurement, reduction in life expectancy and pain and suffering.

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