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The health and community services sector is responsible for our health and well-being. This sector includes hospitals, clinics, retirement and nursing homes. We rely on the workers in this sector to take care of us, and our loved ones at our time of need.

Should these workers have some sort of accident, it is highly important that they be given the proper treatment so they will be in tiptop shape when they need to work. Workers who are secure in their jobs, receive proper training and are guaranteed compensation are more secure in the knowledge that if injured on the job they’ll be taken care. These workers perform to a higher satisfaction rate as well.

Can you imagine all the training that they have to go through, to be able to execute their duties of care to perfection, every time? Most of us admire

people who work in the health industry and don’t really want to have to go into hospitals because we associate germs and sickness with it. Well, think

of the people who actually have to work there, exposed to exactly that kind of environment day in and day out. They really should be entitled to some

sort of Workers’ Compensation benefits should an accident happen to them in their jobs.

In Australia, there are general guidelines for Workers’ Compensation for health and community services workers. There are laws that require employers to

create a safe workplace environment with specific guidelines on the training and protection of their employees and procedures for the safe handling,

storage and maintenance of chemicals and equipment. Despite these laws in place, accidents may happen and it’s during these times that a worker needs to know the compensation he or she is entitled to.

Compensation is mostly in the form of income replacement especially during the time when the injured worker is still recuperating and is dependent on how serious the worker is incapacitated. Medical treatment may also be reimbursed and is not limited to just medicines and hospitalisation. For more serious injuries like the loss of a body part or the function of a body part, a lump sum compensation may be recommended. A fatality often results in compensation in the form of funeral benefits and special provisions for the worker’s children (if any).

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