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Dog Attacks – When Cuddly Pets Become Ferocious

Dogs can be so cuddly and adorable but when bad luck strikes, these furry animals can cause some serious injuries.

Queensland has implemented strict policies when it comes to ownership of pets like cats and dogs. The Animal Management Act of 2008 which was passed on December 11, 2008, promotes responsible pet ownership.

There are certain regulations that have to be followed. Among the provisions of the act includes registering your pets. It is also encouraged to implant microchips in your dogs or cats. These provisions help a lot in finding your pets again if in case they go astray.

There are limitations involved when it comes to finding an authorised person who will put microchips in your pet. You also need to know about the right classification of pet to be implanted and process of registration in local councils. The website dlgp.qld.gov.au can provide some essential details on how these are done.

Regulated Dog

Regulated dogs are the ones which have been declared as dangerous dogs. This is determined if your pet has attacked a person or another animal ferociously which results to fear or injury.

The Animal Management Act also specifies conditions if you own a regulated dog. This includes making your dog wear an identification tag, microchipping and placing your pet in an enclosure that has proper signage.

Dealing with Dog Attacks

Dog bites are a common case and unfortunately not just children but for adults too. Sometimes, there is just no way to assess situations which can lead to injuries and attacks. According to the Brisbane Times, in a whopping 81 per cent of attacks, the child is bitten in their own home, while 78 per cent of people bitten are relatives or friends of the dog’s owners

In certain states in Queensland, strict liability is being implemented. This means that the ‘one free bite rule’ is waved and owners are liable for the actions of their pets. There are also policies that are being imposed like the leash laws and other local laws.

For dog attacks, the case should be immediately be reported to the local animal control agency or to the police. The victim or the family of the victim can also commence a claim against the pet owner for damages like medical bills, psychological counselling or even plastic surgery. The settlement will depend on the situation, advice from personal injury lawyer and case decision.

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