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With the boom in real estate, particularly in the mining areas, you would expect a number of building projects to kick off, giving the industry the much needed boost it needs to get back on its feet. Residential apartments, Stand-alone houses, office buildings, hospitals, schools and government buildings all rely on the building industry and its workers to get their job done so that people will have places to work, places to go to school and places to live. But when architects and engineers collaborate to make your buildings safe, who ensures that the workers who build them are also safe?

Workers who are employed in the building and construction industry face a dangerous livelihood. They need to reach very dangerous heights, are in the vicinity of huge equipment and carry materials that are often of heavy loads. There are many occasions in a day when workers face life-and-death situations. You’d think it would be a must for the companies that employ them to make good on their safety and health compensation regulations when an accident occurs. Well, this isn’t always the case.

Often times, workers are employed under a casual, contractual arrangement where these sorts of accidents aren’t covered by Workers Compensation and it’s up to the individual contractor to seek their own insurances.

Have you ever wondered what a worker would get in the event of a serious injury or death while on the job? The most important compensation for a worker is to have his or her income continued while they are recuperating in the hospital or at home.

The amount received depends on the type of incapacity – total or partial – with the hope that he can come to work as soon as possible. In the event of the loss of function of a limb or the actual loss of limb, the worker may file a claim for lump sum compensation. In more serious cases where the injury results in a fatality or death, their family is entitled to receive funeral benefits, and the person’s children (if any) will receive special provisions. These benefits are available to any worker provided
that they can prove they got injured while on the job.

The take-home message here folks is to make sure you’re covered. If you’re working under a contract, make sure you read the fine print or ask a supervisor about whether you’re covered for personal injury.

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