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Today’s blog focuses on what to do in an emergency situation, who to call and in particular some strategies for teaching kids about what to when an emergency situation arises. Kids need to learn how and when to call triple zero (000) and there are some great games to teach them.

There’s no harm in all of us getting a refresher on calling triple zero (000) and here are some guidelines below:

When should you call triple zero (000)?

  • If a crime is happening now.
  • When a life is threatened.
  • When the event is time critical, for example a fire.

What happens if you are speech or hearing impaired?

If you have a speech or hearing disability the triple zero service (000) can be accessed via the National Relay Service on 106.

What happens when you call triple zero (000)?

  • When you dial 000, your call is connected to the Telstra Emergency Call Service centre.
  • Telstra operators will ask which service you require – Police, Fire or Ambulance.
  • You respond by advising the operator which of those services you require assistance from.
  • Your call will then be rapidly connected to the Emergency Service requested.
  • If you don’t respond because you are unable to talk, your call will be forwarded to an automated system, where you will be asked to push ‘5 5’ on the telephone keypad if you still require assistance. Pushing ‘5 5’ directs the call to Police, who will assess the circumstances and decide on the most suitable response.

It’s important to remember that we reside in Australia and not the USA so our emergency number is triple zero (000) NOT 911 – as seen in many American television and movies

A great way to teach kids about triple zero is by playing games and solving mysteries. Check out the Triple Zero Challenge where they’ll learn about safety messages and hear what happens when you call Triple Zero. Along the way they will meet the “Zeros” as they are guided step by step through the game.

The game teaches kids some very important issues when faced with an emergency such as staying relevant, prank calls, escape routes and establishing a safe meeting place and how to tell if someone is breathing.

We are also coming into the season where cyclones, storms and floods can occur. A recent new campaign, Get Ready Queensland, ensures people are aware and prepared.

Important Contacts and Links

Life Threatening Emergency – Call 000

Disaster Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349

Lifeline 24-hour crisis support: 13 11 14

SES: 132 500

Centrelink: 180 22 66

Other links

Bureau of Meteorology

ABC emergency services network

Local Councils

Power outages

Traffic and travel updates

Emergency alerts

Regional flood maps

Brisbane flood maps

Storm wise

Triple Zero Challenge game

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