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Analysis Of A Common Workplace Injury – Slip and Fall Lawyers Brisbane

There is a great deal of literature available in relation to the prevention of trips and falls at work.

The department of Industrial Relations Workplace Health and Safety has published information suggesting that more than 13,000 Queensland workers are involved in a slip and fall incident at work which costs over $60 million dollars in workers compensation payments. Our Brisbane slip and fall injury lawyers have acted in relation to numerous workplace accidents as a result. The causes of these incidents are usually multiple and, can relate to contaminants lying on the floor including oil or water or an untidy workplace which obstacles are not easily identified. Another major factor is when lighting is poor or lack of ventilation causing dust to be in the air reducing visibility.

In other cases, employers are simply too preoccupied with their business to remove obvious hazards such as leads that run across floors, and the installation of another power adapter would reduce the need for the lead.

Hazards such as the above can be prevented by injuries such as slips and falls at work can be prevented by the development of a risk management plan that identifies hazards and then seeks to properly assess the risk. If a risk has been identified, and it has been brought to the attention of your employer and subsequently someone has injured as a result of the employer’s failure to fix that hazard then a common law claim will almost certainly be successful.

You can feel free to ask our Personal Injury Lawyers anytime about your prospects of success in relation to a common law claim against your employer.

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